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Hello people I make this short post to tell everyone that we acquired our own .com domain named www.animecasters.com (no surprise there) so please visit us at our new site at update your bookmarks and feeds to our new site.


Metroid charging new blast


Samus Aran will be soon on her quest for revenge, and for the saque of  the galaxy she better get it.

One of the new announcements on the E3 was the release of a prequel of Metroid. This version of series was develop by Team Ninja instead of the current company, the reason is simple the company is on hiatus an nintendo need to get their lines stronger. Continue reading

MTV uses anime to fight human trafficking in China


BEIJING (Reuters Life!) – One of China’s most sought-after actors is starring in an animated short-film about human trafficking and sexual exploitation, issues that have plagued the country, and Asia, for decades.

Zhang Hanyu, who won the Chinese equivalent of an Oscar at the Golden Horse awards in Taiwan last year, lends his voice to the Mandarin version of “Intersection”, will be shown on Music Television (MTV) China this weekend.

Thai and English versions have already been broadcast on MTV’s Southeast Asia channels, and versions in other Asian languages are planned. Continue reading

15 minutes with Stan Lee


The creator of m any great comics Stan Lee now grants a 15 minutes for an interview about the newest game based on Marvel characters Marvel Alliance 2, courtesy of PopWatch, this interview give us a little insight in the mind of this great genius , his attitude towards videogames, (which is great by the way) and interesting relationship with a interesting little trinket.

What would be of life without his great characters such as Spiderman, Ironman, fantastic fours, greatest of all the Incredible hulk, and so many others.

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Life-Size Gundam RX-78-2 Completed


Its here, its finished, its awesome, the first 1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam is finished, we just need a Minovsky Drive and we are set.

Created in Odaiba to be part of the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the Mobile Suit Gundam Series and is planned to be unveiled on July 11, and be shown until August 31st.

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Sequels dominate the E3


Videogame makers at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this week shrugged off the dismal economy, debuting supercharged sequels to blockbuster titles and play that is increasingly social and active.

“All three publishers showed strong,” said Scott Steinberg of videogame and gadget Web site Digital Trends, referring to E3 line-ups touted by competing console makers Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

“The gamers are probably the ones that are going to win in the end,” he said.
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Your very own anime studio is waiting for you


Now days the digital revolution is truly frightening as is great it would be long that we would live in a shadowrun-like world, but i digress, the motive I write this entry to report this awesome software from the vaults of Smith Micro Software, they called it Anime Studio 6.

This solution allows both pros and amateurs to create their own quality animations from both in eastern and western styles from cartoons and movies, to cut scenes for video games (now if they can apply this to eroges….mmmm) in easy and intuitive ways to produce great works in record time.

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