Akinator the mind reading genie

Sadly this is not akinator

Sadly this is not akinator

The other day i was in he school on a free period when a friend told about a web page that guess a character or person by making you question via a animated genie, the name Akinator.

At first i was skeptic as i heard of sites like his before and they can’t guess characters from anime or manga, but i succumb to peer pressure and give it shot.

The first try I decide for the Red Comet of Zeon, since he is famous yet kind of obscure outside anime, but akinator guessed it in less than 15 questions then i put the Oni Leader of the Gurren Dan Kamina and again he guessed fast but I attribute at being famous and from a recent anime.


Of various character i choose were Lupin the 3rd, the RX-78-2 Gundam, Koji Kabuto from Mazinger Z, they one the genie didn’t guess rigth was the pitiful ghost sweeper assistant Tadao Yokoshima, the program ask me the first 20 question and guessed Aono Tsukune from Rosario to Vampire, close but not right after the 30 question an error occurred and i didn’t get my answer.




I wonder why Akinator didn’t find Yokoshima since  he is an awesome character, maybe i didn’t answer correctly or something, anyway check it out this page is pretty cool, and good to pass a boring time.




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