Avatar the Movie just a corner ahead


Yeah we will see soon a little Aang on his quest to becoming the Avatar who will control, earth, fire, water, and of course air. —–on an live action movie??

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New Nintendo add-on for the wiimote on july 12


Around last summer Nintendo announced a new add-on for their beloved Wiimote named Wii MotionPlus, this nifty new upgrade incorporates a dual-axis “tuning fork” angular rate sensor, which can determine rotational motion, in layman terms the way you spin your arms, where they are and how fast you move it an son on, so it can determine more complex movements than just your Wiimote.

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What will happen between a clash of G Force and StreetFighter?


Don’t have to check let us see, this may seem confusing but it is really simple, we cant go a view a titan fight between the great spy ninja team G Force (Gatchaman) and the characters of StreetFighter in the new fighting game Tatsunoko vs Capcom

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Yahoo Japan is streaming the opening of BLOOD: the last vampire movie


Yahoo Japan just have unveiled the first five minutes of the upcoming movie, personally I find rather bland, I expected that the dude would at least transformed into a Chiropteran and have some kick ass battle sequence, but oh well.

I particularly like the trailer for the movie, its look so so, I really hope that at least rival the original movie but I thinks I still will going to see it at the theatres.

Become an Anime Babe by,,,,,,chewing gum?


It may seem ridiculous but its is true a recent research in Japan had came that a chewing gum product brand claim to enlarge girls breast.

What,, yeah you read well enlarge breast.

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Touhou madness, a random avatar generator


This time my dear readers i bring a magical artifact of the most arcane kind, it comes from the Gensokyo (幻想郷)the fabled land of illusions where the ancients texts speak of a coexistence between humans, demons, gods and other kinds of supernal entities.

This artifact grant the user the ability to summon and even create a denizen of this amazing real, its power is held back only by the limit of mortal imagination and the secrecy of its existence, but no more for i will reveal its location.

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FUNimation is taking out the big guns



I heard the other day that FUNimation announced at Anime  Boston 2009 that they obtained the licence for economy lesson anime Wolf and Spice and will be coming to DVD in October of this year.

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